Chemical Products

featured-nox2Scott Forest Products is proud to be a master distributor for Nox-Crete.  Nox-Crete is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Since 1956, Nox-Crete has developed and manufactured a full range of products for the concrete industry. These include release agents, bond breakers, concrete cleaners, sealers and much more. They are always on the cutting edge of developing new products that are able to deal with modern concrete mixes and the challenges faced by the industry.

Nox-Crete leads the market with products that address environmental demands, including many that are water-based. They also provide exceptional technical support to solve the problems experienced by our customers as well as our plywood manufacturers. Nox-Crete is a trusted name in the concrete industry, and is what many manufacturers choose to apply on their products at the mill.

With our experience and their expertise, Scott Forest Products is able to provide the right product for the right application. We inventory a wide range of chemically active release agents and are able to recommend the best product to suit our customer’s specific needs. These release agents or “form oil” as they are often referred to, not only complement the performance of our entire range of overlay plywood, they help optimize the appearance of the concrete. The result is longer lasting plywood and better looking concrete.