Scott Forest Products distributes a wide variety of plywood. Our products are manufactured in North America and also imported from around the world. Species include, but are not exclusive to; spruce, pine, fir, southern yellow pine, meranti, poplar, radiatta and elliotis pine. Our ability to stock an extensive range of grades that include G1S, ACX, BCX, CCX,CDX, Standard, Select, Degrade, Cull, Shop and reject make us an ideal supplier to markets such as the construction trade, roofing contractors, pallet and box manufacturers, precast plants, flooring contractors, furniture frame manufacturers and dry-wall contractors.

Our expertise in the overlay business has made us a market leader in supplying the sign and concrete forming industry. The overlays we carry include a variety of MDO that will suite the application required, HDO, and HAO. We are also an excellent supplier of chemically treated plywood such as fire rated and PT. Oversized panels such as 4 x 10 and 5’ wide plywood are also available as is, cut to size.

Excellent relationships with some of the top producers in the world not only allow us to always remain competitive it also enable us to alter existing grades or customize panels to suit our customers needs. As with all our products, we continually strive to provide the best wood solutions possible.